Parkwestgallery is recognized internationally for creating an informational, entertaining and welcoming environment for art lovers of all ages. The collecting experience that Parkwestgallery creates ignites a passion for the arts in the hearts of collectors worldwide. Whether you are just starting to grow your art collection or have been using Parkwestgallery to help you find fine artwork for years, the experience that the company creates is unparalleled elsewhere in the fine art collecting community.

Park West Gallery has connected more than 1.8 million art collectors with prominent artists and quality pieces of art through art auctions on luxury cruise ships, art auctions in major metropolitan cities worldwide, and via its Michigan and Florida art galleries, which are open to the public.

Parkwestgallery stands apart other art galleries and auctioneers because of the company’s proprietary art collecting process. To stay unique in the market, Parkwestgallery obtains collections of artwork and keeps them archived for years before offering these desired pieces of art to the public for collection. This highly-developed process of building out our collections provides our customers with a variety of art collecting advantages that cannot be found elsewhere. Parkwestgallery serves as the exclusive art dealer for a number of prominent artists, allowing us the opportunity to offer artwork obtained directly through the artist’s studio or estate.

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